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Frequently asked questions


What are Lash Extensions?

 Professional Lash Extensions are made of synthetic polyester or real silk
and are carefully attached to each of your individual eyelashes.  
We offer eight different colors, 4 different volumes (thickness),
4 different curls and 13 different lengths. 
The above options ensure that each client has a perfect, customized
set of beautiful Lash Extentions every time.
Organic Sun Skin Spa does not offer lash products made with animal fur.

Are they safe?

We only offer the highest quality professional permanent lash extensions and products that have gone through our rigorous research and testing
to ensure a natural and beautiful lash application every time.  
100% Safe and Latex free. 

What are the advantages of  having professional lash extensions?

Our Professional Lash extensions allow you to look beautiful 24 hours a day
adding length, volume and curl to your natural lashes.
 Lash Extensions, when applied properly, enhance eyes shape and color with no need for mascara 
Our retention rate is 3-5 weeks
Minimal care required

How are they applied?

Each lash extension is carefully applied to your individual eyelashes within 1 mm. from the base of your lash line to ensure a natural healthy look.

How long do they last?

Lash retention depends on how quickly you shed your natural lashes,
home maintenance, age and general health.
Lash extensions applied by a trained professional, using the highest quality products and ingredients are best for your lashes.
Fills are ususally required within 2-4 weeks.
Quality lash extensions are permanent and do not come off your natural lash, instead, they hold permanently until your natural lash sheds.
Retention is based on home maintenance, age, health and hair growth cycle.


How do I prepare for my first visit?

We recommend that you clean your lashes and eye area with a oil free cleanser and avoid wearing eye makeup and mascara for 12 hours prior to your appointment to ensure your lash artist can concentrate on applying the maximum amount of lashes during the time reserved  and also to ensure the longest retention time.
There is a $35 fee for removing any makeup around the eyes.


How do I care for my lashes between visits?

Clean your eyes/lashes daily with our mild lash wash.
Avoid products with heavy oils around the eyes.
Avoid using waterproof mascara.


What should I look for when considering lash extensions?
Lash extensions are regulated by the state of NC 
so always be sure that your Lash Artist is a licensed Esthetician with a 
current licensed displayed at the business.
 Also be sure that thy use quality, professional cosmetic grade products

that are safe for your lashes and eyes.

What is the first step in getting lash extensions?
Please call

for a brief consultation and to schedule your first lash appointment


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