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Healthy skin begins from within. Have you noticed that your skin seems to be misbehaving lately? Dry, cold winter air both indoors and out rapidly dehydrates your beautiful skin leaving it feeling dry, tight and increasing the depth of those pesky wrinkles. Protecting your skin in the winter months becomes a full time job, but there are ways to aleviate the harsh environment and make surviving the winter months a breeze. #1. Set your thermostat at the lowest tempurature possible (especially at night) Nighttime hours are a challenge since we are not consuming water and our faces are exposed to the constant dry air circulating throughout the room. #2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Choose quality ingredients to effectively hydrate and protect the skin. Thick, heavy moisturizers only cover up the symptom. You'll need a moisturizer like those offered by Image Skincare to do the job properly. #3. Drink extra fluids, preferably filtered water during the day and before bed to balance out excessive moisture loss due to dry air. #4. Consume extra fruits and vegatables that contain high amounts of fluids to hydrate from within. #5. Be sure to drink water on an empty stomach each morning. This gives your body a chance to draw the fluids directly to the blood stream without waiting for digestion to take place. Drinking water while consuming food slows the hydration process since the water will mix with stomach acids created by the body to digest food. #6. Commit to a new juicing routine. What better way to consume living enzymes necessary for replacing old dead cells with new living cells throughout the body and skin. Plus juicing helps increase blood volume which in turn, hydrates your skin. #7. Do research on your current skincare line. Are you trusting a part time employee at your current place with recommendations for your personal skincare needs? 99% of employees and "front desk" associates are driven to sell or move product and receive a percentage of the sale, it's a big part of their job and they are given goals each week. There is a very good chance that you are currently applying products that are making your skin worse because of harsh chemicals and low quality ingredients. Be in the know about what products you invest in and make informed chioces. Your individual skincare needs are unique, treat them as such. #8. Avoid consuming ingredients that dehydrate your body. Alcohol, sodas, nitrates and citric acid to name a few can dehydrate your body and wreck havoc on your skin. #9. Drink 1 cup of fluid 30 minutes prior to each meal. This is a great time to squeeze in a glass on an empty stomach with enough time to be absorbed and also helps with making you feel satisfied and full.

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